Pedal kun Pedal Bicycle Caravan

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Bicycle Caravan, a long wait event that support Cycling industry in Albay. The event gathered more than hundred covering all participants in both young and adult category regardless of those who are not able to register in the event but still joined the Caravan to show support.

Registration booth to receive a free Sun Cellular sim card. (One of the supported of the event)

The event started with a good basic dancing-stretching exercise. (Note: Boys love exercising when a beautiful girl lead them.)

Meet the winner of the youngest who joined the bicycle caravan. (Check out those roller guides.)

The winner of the most Sexiest female award. Gotta admit it, she is truly beautiful. Hope I could meet her again. (Sorry Guys, have no front photo. Just a stolen shot and I don't even know her name *sad*.)

If there was an award for the most supportive parent, this is the Guy! Cycling all the way with his son.

Yup! This is the son of the most supportive father. "Anak ng Cyclista", never underestimate this kid because he just ride the Adult route going to Padang. (Maybe this kid must have a medal.)

Meet guys, the team that I joined with during the Event (Not a member). They are fun to ride with and go with the flow of the Caravan supporting those who are not fast riders. *Thanks guys for the good day.*

Want to know the most friendly and best mechanic in Albay? Most of the rider in Albay know him, Manong Joel "The Mechanic" Canale.

Meet the newbie - Me. Forgot to take photo of myself during the event so I take photo somewhere.

I hope that in future caravan more people would be joining the event. Promoting healthy leaving and not burning too much cash for gasoline.

Before clothing this post, here are some organization and firms who supported the success of the Event.

  • Sun Cellular
  • Philhealth
  • Aquabest
  • Rapu-Rapu Mineral Inc.
  • NuPrint Master
  • Legazpi Water District
  • Kabalikat Civicom
  • City of Legazpi Government
  • Step
  • B Friends