Who I am

I am Andrew - a Bicolano and the owner of this site, I am literally an idealistic person with so many things mind and always believe that I can make it those idealistic ideas into realistic form because I got what it takes.

In behalf of that, I am trying hard to live a simple life. I am also a straight-forward person that do things after making the best decision that I could come up and usually do things on my own because I want it done perfectly as I want it to be.

What I do?

Well, there are many things that I like; touring, computer-related works, photography and cycling.

Almost not less than 8 hours a day 6 times a week, I spend my time doing computer-related tasks. I love being in the cyber-world doing stuff that makes me think that I still knowledge because it gives me challenges.

When it come to hobby and sports, touring and cycling always comes in couple. Cycling ever since has been my favorite but I officially earned my first road bicycle last January of 2012, after slowly assembling for over 6 months. Going to places that I have never been before specially during sunny whether is what I like. Usually I go to places where my instinct drives me.

Photography. Well, I am not that professional photographer but I can take photos with good quality. Normally, I take photos of places, infrastructure, events and moments that inspires me. Let us just say that, when my bicycle is involve, my camera is there with me because it gives me good memories of time.

I want to say

I would be very happy if you would not only read on the content of the site but share your point of view in the comment section specially if there are some false information in the topic. Other than that I also accept those who wants to post over to my site, you could email me your photos, description and other details at the contact page but we don't accept adult concept over the site. Please visit the homepage for the categories.

Please also be reminded that only those photos with watermark are personally owned and taken pictures by me.

Have fun reading and sharing ideas!

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