Red Cheese Pizza

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What happens when cheese is mixed with red sauce? Red Cheese. The founder’s love for cooking brought him to discover the dramatic concoction of cheese and red sauce while cooking his favorite Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Hence, the dream of having his own restaurant in the name of his discovery started.

In November 11, 2011, Legazpi City warmly welcomed the opening of the newest pizzeria that claims to have the best and only gourmet pizza in town.


Red Cheese Pizza is a start up quick-serve restaurant business in Legazpi City committed to serving a variety of fresh and premium pizza, pasta, wings, and Mexican food. We are the first pizzeria in Bicol to specialize in Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.

Our menu is majored by American, Italian and Mexican dishes with a hint of Asian gastronomy. Red Cheese Pizza gladly introduces Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, an American mainstay dish rich in meat, cheese, and dough to Bicolanos. We also have other pizza styles like: thin crust, pan, and New York Style. With our extensive menu, you are sure to spot your favorite pizza in our bestseller list which includes the ever popular Hawaiian, beef pepperoni, veggie special, mighty meat, Philly steak and cheese pizza. It is also our delight to include Chicken Fajita Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza on our list.

For those who love a lighter meal, we have pasta prepared in individual servings. Health buffs need not to worry what to choose from our menu since we have dishes loaded with nutritious provisions such as our veggie special pizza, tuna and onion pizza, fresh fruit shakes and lassi.

Understanding the economical concerns of consumers, it is our commitment to provide delicious food of excellent quality at reasonable prices. To achieve that, the ingredients we use in our delicacies are guaranteed fresh.

Similar to fast-food but more than fast-food, Red Cheese Pizza is a combination of gastronomy from different cultures mixed deliciously to provide wide-ranging patrons a satisfying dining experience. We strive to give a friendly and inviting ambiance to make us your hang out for comfort and enjoyment thus giving you free Wi-Fi access. Our 2nd floor is also available to accommodate your special events.