How to Upgrade Samsung Wave GT-S8500

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Wave GT-S8500 is the one of the best Smartphone offered by Samsung. The problem with this smartphone is the firmware upgrade, its firmware availability is very frequent and only few know how to upgrade its firmware. But no worries, solution has finally arrived with detailed information in every instruction.


  1. Micro USB Cable
  2. Firmware you want to use
  3. MultiLoader
  4. Samsung Wave GT-S8500


  • What you need to do first is to download a firmware. You can download for free the latest firmware at (you need to be a registered member to download).
  • After downloading the latest firmware, download MultiLoader version 5.65  at

Before doing any upgrade with your phone it is better to backup your files because some firmware delete stored files in your phone while upgrading.


Download Mode
  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press vol up + camera + end call button to perform download mode.
  3. Unzip the firmware version that you downloaded.
  4. Run MultiLoader version 5.65 in your computer.
  5. Plug the USB Cable both at the computer and phone. The MultiLoader will automatically detect the port of the phone.
  6. From the MultiLoader, Select LSI + Boot Change + Full Download.
  7. Do the Following:
    • Click Boot and select BOOTFILES folder
    • Click AMS and select amss.bin file that is located on your BOOTFILES folder and same goes to the following.
    • Click Apps and select apps_compressed.bin file.
    • Click Rsrc1 and select Rsrc_ Open_Europe_Common.rc1 file
    • Click Rsrc2 and select Rsrc2_ (Low/Mid).rc2 file
    • Click Factory FS and select FactoryFs_ Open_Europe_Slav.ffs file
    • Click CSC and select file
    • Click SHP APP and select file
    • Click FOTA and select .fota file

    Note: Do not forget to check the checkbox. Only checked selection will be upgraded.

  8. After doing so. Click Download and let the computer upgrade your phone. The phone will restart several times after upgrading process is done.


If download button is not clickable the problem would be the driver. Just click the notification that appears on your taskbar and install all the drivers. After installing the driver, close the multiloader and open it again and the port search should have now an option and the download button should be clickable.

If you have question you can contact me here.