Caramoan Island of Camarines Sur

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Caramoan Feeder Port
Caramoan Islands (or also known as Caramoan Peninsula) is one of the famous places in Southern part of Luzon. Filled with natural beauties and wonderful beaches. It was later been popularized when the Survivor used some of the islands for covering the reality TV show since 2008 and still being used today.

Why Named Caramoan?

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Caramoan was first called as Guta de Leche by dutch travelers frequenting the peninsula, the named derived from the milk drop stalagmites found among the rocks of Gata Port. Later the Spaniards called it Caraha - referring to sea turrles abundant along the beach shores. It was later renamed to what is called today as Caramoan in 1687 by Spanish friar Francisco Dele Cruz U Oropesa.

Caramoan is one of the thirty-five municipalities of Camarines Sur situated at the heart of the Caramoan Peninsula at the southern tip of Lzuzon.
Image Taken by Samsung Wave Phone at Souvenir Shop


Here in Caramoan you can see big and small islands , craggy peaks, sheer cliffs and imposing limestone rock formation, powerdery white and pink-sand beaches, crystal clear water stream and magnificient diving spots that will captivate your heart and senses to make you in love with this unexploted slice of Eden.

It's an island with respect, a paradise for people who know better to believe in Paradise.

Tourist Destination

Among the green scenery there are many tourist destination inside the island of Caramoan.

Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Aisle inside the Church

Closer view on the Altar

Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel was originally made out of block of corals by mixed with egg whites coated with Tisa. Caramoan together with the Church and its records was been burned when it was colonized by Moros. According to further studies and records of proof gathered from Portugal and Spain by the late Gov. Luis Villafuerte (father of Gov. L-Rey, Gov. of Camarines sur), the Church has been put up by the Franciscan Missionaries in the late 16th centurie. Until now the researchers still conduct further studies regarding its history and records.

PEA located on the right side of the Church

Beside the Historical Church is a unique PEA (abbreviation for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration). A place for adoring or honouring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ

Jump Shot at Haponan Island

Caramoan have beautiful islands and beaches and each of this islands have their own characteristics. From white sand, island with activity area, snorkeling and rock climbing.

There are also some islands that are exclusive only for Survivor coverage. It would be better to coordinate with the tour guide to save time before going to a particular island.

Places to Stay

Sight and Sand

Sight and Sand's Eating Area

Inside the Compound of Sight and Sand

There are many places to stay while inside the islands but it would be much better to take a package deals to save your expenses. There are usually two package option that tourist could choose from, 2 Days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights. Commonly both package includes air-con room accommodation, foods good for 3 meals and transportation inside the island.

How to get there

Bangka - a type of vessel

The most accessible route going to Caramoan island is to take a fair from Naga via van going to Sabang Port which usually take one hour travel.

And from Sabang Port you could take Bangka (a type of vessel) going to Guijalo Port that would take one and a half to two hours.



From Guijalo Port, a maximum of 15 minutes, depending on the location, going to the center of the town where inns and hotels are located.

While in Sabang Port be observant and watch carefully with your baggage. Some people claim that there are some thief baggage carrier.
Excluded from fare in bangka, 5 to 15 Pesos may be charge to carry you inside the bangka.
The author would like to extend its gratitude to 
Mr. Genaro Galang from Sight and Sand
and Mr.  Janroy Villarette, informative part time tour guide
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Genaro Galang
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