Nathan's Favors: A Party Shop wherein everything is Personalized

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Nathan's Favors is recommended for your Kiddie Parties where your child and YOU will surely enjoy. We have this unique offer to make your special day EXTRA SPECIAL. From the smallest details to the biggest, you will definitely have this heart-warming feeling that we have made your occasion a memorable and remarkable one.

Nathan's Favors is not only for your Kiddie Parties, we also accept Christening, Wedding, or even ANY party you want.


Nathan's Favors is actually named after my son Nathan that held his 1st Birthday on August 2011. I was really inspired with the setup we made on that day, though it is quite rush because that time I go to work everyday, no time for me to add little details a more special touch. However, when we, my sister and my husband, have made the decorations and party needs done, I was surprised to see the setup that was so eye-catching and so cool to look at. It's a Sesame Street Party.!

So guys, I am also ready and willing to make your child's day as special as this or even more! So book your party TODAY.. :)

Services and Promo Offered

We actually offer variety of services when it comes to parties.

  • Balloon services - pillar, archs, clusters, bouquets and balloon arts like balloon twists.
  • Party Packages as low as P1300.00
  • Photo Booth Services
  • Glitter Tattoo and Face Painting
  • Mascots / Clowns / Party Host
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Photo Coverage
  • Graphic and Photo Services
  • Tarpaulin and Invitation
  • Party Souvenirs
  • …and many more…


  • When you order more than 3 on our balloon services, we’ll customize a package to have discount or freebie!
  • We also have this offer that when you order at least 5 services or amenities, we will customize a package for you to have this FAB DISCOUNT, so that no need to haggle. 
  • And not only that, we can make your party exceptional wherein you can have you party in mind ACTUALIZE!
  • …and a lot more will come…

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