Until when will you spend money for gasoline with your transportation?

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Waking up every morning hearing people talking about oil price hike, gasoline, we can no longer support this market price because of the gasoline issue is not a big joke. It feels like the Philippines is getting poorer and poorer as I grow old.

By the way, before we proceed with this post I would like to introduce myself to the public. I am Andrew, born in Legazpi, a proud to be Bicolano. A man trying to live the simplest life that I could be. Maybe you have seen me biking everyday going to work, touring and discovering some beautiful places of Bicol since 2011 of November.

Going back, I have my first motorcycle when I was in first year college, studying at Bicol University - Main campus. It was a gift that was given to me by my father when I first stepped college which was useful to fetch my brother and sister if my father couldn't get them after work, sometimes to run errand when going to the market or when we go out for a family get together.

From that time, 2006 to be exact, gasoline was not very expensive, it only cost 29.00 Pesos, I can even full the tank by that time but now it's a new story. According to the news and the rally protest it was because of the Oil Deregulation Law. I have to admit that I am not really much aware of this kind of issue from the past until now. But what goes in my mind, "Is it really about that law?" Maybe its time that I should spend some time in learning this issue.

On what I have learned, according to the law of supply and demand, "the higher the demand, the higher the price", and this is reality. Here is my observation, when I am at the parking lot of the mall specially Metro Gaisano and LCC or when I sat down in the store near the public road. I always noticed that more and more people buy their own vehicle sometimes not just one vehicle but two or more. What do you think? If you agree with my observation then we can proceed with my question, "What makes the vehicle run?". Right, the answer is very simple, its obviously gasoline. Now let us make some conclusion, the more people use gasoline-type vehicle, the more they will use gasoline therefore the price will be more expensive and this satisfy the law of supply and demand - "the higher the demand, the higher the price." Funny isn't it? Then you would see people arguing and would go rallying with placards saying "No to Oil Price Hike, No to Oil Deregulation Law".

Now, now, I am not saying that having vehicle is bad, it is just using vehicle regularly is bad. Now here is a real deal, if you are in Legazpi, observe your neighbors during Saturday, they probably go to the Embarcadero to have some exercise early in the morning, check if they have vehicle with them. If they have, ask yourself "Is that what they call exercise?" Even I ask myself with this question with my parents, they complain that the gasoline is expensive, they want to exercise but still they have the vehicle with them. Isn’t that is a sign of stupidity and arrogant (excuse me for the term)?

Anyways, enough with the gasoline and vehicle. I personally cannot live with this kind of expenses. I am not that wealthy man and I am not that mad with the Oil Deregulation Law and would not even bother go rallying in the Capitol or even with the gasoline station because I basically understand the Law of supply and demand; also I can live a good life without spending too much on gasoline. In fact riding too much with gasoline-type vehicles is not good with our health and environment.

Why not let people encourage to go biking? Actually four months have passed now and it has changed me a lot from financial aspect, health, environment concerned issues, personal and social life. Not to be boastful with the readers but people tend to recognized me more and more because they see me biking everyday. In concern with my health, well I do no longer pant when biking up the hill and I actually burn more fats, from 85 Kilo now I am 71 Kilo, Lastly I no longer have problems with financial shortage instead of spending hundred a week or approximately 500.00 Pesos a month well I can use it in other miscellaneous.

In my own opinion, It would be great to let some of us go biking. Looking in the long run, gasoline would not go low if everyone uses it and we also want to live a healthy life. If you're just a kilometer going to work why use vehicle that would consume almost one-fourth of your salary or even commute 8.00 Pesos per ride. If traffic is your reason, you can take shortcuts if you have your non-gasoline type vehicle.

If you are now convinced with my opinion maybe you could read this following question that I have asked myself before I turned to biking.
  1. Do I really need to use motorcycle daily when I go to the office?
  2. When do I need to use motorcycle?
  3. How much money do I spend per week for gasoline?
  4. Will the gasoline lower its price even the Oil Deregulation Law is no longer implemented?
  5. Does vehicle give me the health benefits that I need?
  6. Do I really care for the future of my children when my vehicle is exhausting to much smoke?