Basud Bridge of Sto. Domingo, Albay

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If you have come to visit Sto. Domingo then you may have come across with the famous Basud Bridge, a metal bridge that connects the first and second district of Albay. This so called bridge was the first metal bridge version of Basud.
The current Basud bridge was constructed under the Regime of the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in cooperation of the Albay Governor Fernando Gonzalez, Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagman, Sto. Domingo Mayor Herbie Aguas and British Charge Affairs and Chief of Mission Robert Fitchett. Basud Bridge was said to cost approximately P65.88 Million with the length of 96-Meter.

Basud bridge is not just any ordinary bridge, it also serves as one of the famous training ground of many organization for rappelling because of its rocky environment and thrilling excitement.

The bridge is also famous of its clear view of Mayon Volcano and its even more fascinating whenever the lava is leaking out of the Mayon's tip and on the other side of the bridge is the relaxing view of Albay Golf which was believed to be the large gulf in the southern part of Luzon island. Under the bridge are the boulders and sand that flowed out from Mayon which is also one of the source of income by local firms in the local area.

Here is one of the Public Record by DPWH Supporting Document in relation of Basud Bridge

PGMA Inaurugates Two Vital Bridges in Albay

Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo graced the inauguration of two major bridges in Albay province: Basud Bridge and Quinale Bridge located in Sto. Domingo and Polangui, respectively on February 2, 2006. These two bridges are under the President’s Bridge Replacement Projects funded by the Government of the Philippines and by the UK (United Kingdom) Assisted Bridge Program”, explained DPWH R5 Regional Director Orlando B. Roces. “Basud Bridge is vital for the smooth, safe and fast passage to and from Tabaco City to its neighboring municipalities as well as those passengers en route for the Island Province of Catanduanes taking ferry boat from Tabaco”, added the good director. ARD Oscar C. Cristobal briefs PGMA on the Project Profile of Basud Br. Inaugural Drive Basud Bridge, Sto. Domingo, Albay Kinale Bridge Inaugural Drive Kinale Bridge, Polangui, Albay Basud Bridge is a Multi-Year Funded Project with a total project cost of P65,870,806.33. Pre-construction activities started in 2002. The project was finally completed in November 2004. Like Basud Bridge, Quinale is also a Multi-Funded Project with a total budget allocation of P24,638,367.50. This bridge links the Municipalities of Libon and Polanqui to major arterial road networks. The project aims to promote the socio-economic development of the area. From the positive feedbacks that we received from the local residents and from those visiting Albay province, since the opening of these bridges to traffic, I believe that we in DPWH, being the infrastructure arm of the government is on the right track in giving our service to the public”, concluded RD Roces.