Subic Beach of Matnog, Sorsogon

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Now, now not everyone is familiar with what Sorsogon has to offer. People mostly think that Sorsogon is filled only with mountains. True, but remember that Philippines is an island surrounded by sea and for sure there is an island that is gifted with a nice-relaxing beach.

One of these island is the Subic beach located at the southernmost place of Bicol Region at Matnog, Sorsogon. A very cheap alternative way to relax without spending too much money.

The place is like Caramoan of Camarines Sur, a perfect island that people could enjoy. Pure-fine-white sand like Boracay, a perfect view of the blue sea and cool natural shades. These are just some of this island has to offer.

You can ask some people around specially the fisherman if they could get you some fresh fish or some Lato - an edible seaweed perfectly matched with a pinch of salt and a lemon.

Tourist Destination

Aside from the beautiful beach, there are two other destination that you could ask your helmsman to tour you around the place.

You can ask them to show you the caves and if you have time you can snorkel on selected nearby caves and take pictures together with the corals and fishes.

Setting aside the caves you can visit the fish pen or what they all call fish sanctuary. There is actually no fee to visit the place but it is wise to buy food for the fish and have fun feeding them.
Places to Stay

For a not much developed but popular beach you will be amazed that there is a nice room to stay that cost only 2000 Pesos. If you could not afford that much you can choose to put up a tent for free on the seaside preferably under the tree.

How to get there

If you are not from Bicol. It would be wise to start at the Legazpi Grand Terminal and take a van for only 90 Pesos that would take you to Sorsogon Terminal, it takes an hour to travel going there.

From Sorsogon Terminal take a Jeepney going to Matnog Pier for only 90 Pesos with three hours travel and expect the Jeep to be fully loaded.

From Matnog Pier, ask someone where the trip going to Subic Beach and they will lead you to where the Motor Boat or Kumpit is located. No worries, people here are friendly but carry your own baggage to be safe. The Motor boat would cost only 1500 Pesos for a 12 seater passenger and it would take 30-45 Minutes of travel.